Maintenance of the Welding Helmets

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Maintenance of the Welding Helmets

Most of the auto welding helmet lenses comes with a purple coating that protects both inside and outside of the auto-darkening lens from the harmful UV and IR rays. The coating is basically the UV and IR filter that stops the UV and the IR rays from reaching the eyes. Only the visible light is able to pass through this filter.

Various Steps Involved

  • Often the lens gets contaminated with the smokes and the fumes that are usually created during the welding process. Even the dirt and the debris often choke the lenses. As a result, it becomes hard to see through it. Hence, the lens needs to be cleaned thoroughly. For cleaning the lens, soft lens or a brush can be used. Lens solution can be used to clean the surface.
  • After you have examined the lens of the best welding helmet, it is extremely important to inspect all parts of the headgear. Here you will need to see if the helmet has got few or several defective parts or parts which are not working at all. If there are any parts present, then it needs to be replaced immediately, or it can compromise on the safety.
  • Then you will need to check for any dents within the helmets and also on the lens. If it’s not taken care of at the right time it can break and it can hurt the person. If the helmet has any loose screw, then it needs to be tightened or it can cause harm.
  • Even when you are buying a good-quality helmet it needs to be stored properly. Always try to choose a good storage spot for storing the best welding helmets so that the lifespan of the helmet can be prolonged. For storing it, a solid, secure area is most suitable.

With proper maintenance, the helmets’ lifespan not only increases but can they also provide better protection to the operator from the harmful rays and the flying debris. Thereby, they provide great protection to the welder.