Earning Pokecoins and Stardust to buy in game items

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It is always better to know the tips and techniques of the game Pokémon Go so that you don’t have to buy Pokémon Go account to level up in the game. Of course people who decide to buy Pokémon Go account for various reasons like lack of time to devote to the game etc.; it works really well for them.

This article will help you learn about earning Pokecoins and Stardust to buy in game items. You also power up the Pokémon by earning coins and stardust. You can see a shield in right hand corner of the game store wherein you can gather coins and then a variety of stuff to purchase like Incubators, Lures or storage upgrades.

You can obtain 10 coins per gym that you can use to defend and these coins are refreshed after every 21 hours. You can now defend 10 gyms. As soon as you join the gym you are rewarded with the coins so immediately get into the store and collect your reward as there is good opportunity if you have conquered a gym shortly that your opponent team will come to attack it before the prestige increases again. Sometimes you may spend as less as 10 minutes in the gym before you are knocked out, especially in crowded places like shopping malls.

Remember, the gyms are found at places of local interests. There is not going to e any particular theme, but you will find most of the gyms in areas like parks, churches, clubs etc.

Make sure you follow these simple tips to gain coins and stardust so that you are in a position to buy items from the store easily. It will help you a lot in the game and you can get more tips when you browse through the internet.


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