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Clash Royale- Using Elixir the right way

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Clash Royale- Using Elixir the right way

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Most Clash Royale players enjoy the game by obtaining Clash Royale free gems through online hacking tool, which is safe and secure and takes the game to a different level.

Just like gems, elixir is equally important in the game for any match. It is the tool that helps you position units on your battlefield and without elixir you can protect yourself from the enemy and the chances of your defeat increase in the game. If you know how to manage your elixir, you get the key to win matches or coming out as a winner out of a losing match.

You should consider before some really important things in mind before using elixir on cards in a particular match. If you keep these important things in mind, you will increase your chances of winning more matches and get to open more chests. Some tips listed below can prove to be useful for you to use elixir more effectively.

Do not overspend Elixir

It is one of the most common mistakes that every player makes while playing Clash Royale game online. Most players try to put a lot of units on the battle field quite early in the game and are left waiting for the elixir to recharge completely. Do not try to use all your elixir right at the beginning of the match.

When a particular match begins, do not invest all the elixir on many units or one strong card at one go. This will leave you in a troublesome situation, where you cannot protect yourself from the enemy and would have to wait for your elixir to get recharged completely.

The idea of overspending is not a good idea as it leads to a quick loss against a player who is smarter than you in managing their elixir.



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